Thank you very much for visiting my website/blog. Please note that there are some features that are not yet available because this is a new website. My name is Christine Hughes. I am a wife, mother, teacher, engineer, and fashion/gourmet food aficionado.
In this blog, I will post what inspires me both in style and in the kitchen.
Cooking gourmet food is my passion, but every now and then I do cheat and thrown in a can of whatever. As a mother of three, I’m allowed to cut corners sometimes, right?
Whether it’s cooking for my family, friends, neighbors, or even complete strangers, cooking for people brings me joy and peace.
My favorite cuisine to cook, without a question, is Lebanese cuisine mostly because it is part of my cultural background. I was born in Jamaica to parents of both Lebanese and Syrian descent. While growing up in multicultural Miami, I developed a love for cooking Latin and Asian cuisine as well.


This website is dedicated to my beloved Grandmother who always wore dresses and brought our family together with her cooking and laughter. You continue to be my inspiration!


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  1. started up any bratwurst or strüdel recipes yet christine? I’d love to help you out by eating your food when you come back home!

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