My new favorite company…Gigi New York (#giginewyork)

Last year in a boutique in Alexandria, I spotted this fabulous #giginewyorkclutch. It comes in a smaller version (#allinonebag), which is great to use from bag to bag, especially if you have kids. This way you don’t have to dig in your huge diaper bag for your wallet and phone. I started doing this after having my third child and it really has helped. I have no idea why it took me having my third to figure it out so here’s hoping that this helps some of my fellow mommies,especially the first timers. Why is it so convenient? First, my phone, wallet, lip gloss and neosporin are all in one place and I don’t have to spend time finding my #iphone only to see a #missedcall when I find it. Second, if I need to run to the store or go for a walk, I just grab the clutch and go. I don’t have to use the diaper bag or transfer to another bag.

Here are the clutches and they can be personalized! #personalizedclutch

The All In One Clutch

The Uber Clutch

So why is this on my list of favorite companies? First, the customer service is nothing less than stellar. Second, the quality of the products is excellent and lastly, THEY ARE #MADEINTHEUSA .
The larger clutch is $145 and the smaller is $105. Personalization is $15 more.
If you call the store, they have some colors still on sale and you can get them for 50% off.
They also give 10% off when you get on the email sign up list, but it’s only on regular priced items.

The bags come in beautiful packaging and in gift boxes. They make great gifts!

Go grab one for yourself or for a gift at



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