Healthy Baklava Bites…REALLY!

So my friend Kristin had shared a recipe for Healthy Cookie Dough Balls, and it inspired me to make a Lebanese version. After experimenting and substituting some ingredients, I’m pleased to find my go to recipe for Baklava when I’m on a diet and it’s SUPER EASY! I topped them with walnuts, but you can roll them in crushed pistachios or walnuts when you are done as an alternative. Also, if you don’t have Agave Nectar, you could substitute honey. I was told that Costco is carrying the nectar as well as almost any natural foods market. See Note below regarding Orange Blossom Water, the key ingredient in Lebanese Baklava.
Share this with all your friends and family who love the classic Middle Eastern and Greek dessert, Baklava and want a Gluten Free version without the Phyllo dough.

Makes about 20 balls

Healthy Baklava Bites

2 cups of old fashioned oats
6 tablespoons of Agave Nectar (use less or more for desired sweetness)
1 cup of pistachios
1 cup of walnuts
3 teaspoons of Orange Blossom Water (see Note)

Place nuts in Food Processor first and pulse until all nuts are chopped finely. You can use a pestle and mortar if needed. Add oats and pulse for about 5 seconds until mixture resembles a coarse sand mixture. Add nectar and orange blossom water and mix for about 5 seconds until mixture resembles a thinner than normal cookie dough. Form into balls and either top with walnuts or roll into crushed pistachios and drizzle honey or more nectar over when serving. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes, but it is not needed.

Note: Orange Blossom Water can be found at any Middle Eastern Grocery.



    1. You must try them and let me know how she likes them. My family is addicted to them. I just made a batch today, and they fulfill our craving for the real thing since everyone is trying to be good. Enjoy! -Christine

  1. Sounds tasty and I would love to try these. You say to “cool for about 10 minutes.” Do you bake these? At what temp? Thanks.

    1. Hi Debbie, you do not have to bake them. I just changed the post to say “refrigerate” instead of “cool”. Sorry for the confusion. They are so easy and very tasty. I can’t make them without all the guys grabbing the mixture before it leaves the processor. 🙂

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