Salsa Sunday

For the first NFL Sunday of 2011, I figured chips and a restaurant-style, fresh salsa would be perfect for watching football at home. Of course, I had to make fresh salsa because it’s my husband’s favorite. This salsa is better than what you find in a restaurant because it’s your ingredients. The cilantro will come out the best if you use all fresh tomatoes. Today, I couldn’t use all fresh tomatoes because I didn’t have enough, so, I improvised. I used one large can of Muir Glen Whole Peeled Tomatoes, 4 peeled very ripe tomatoes, onion, salt, lime, lots of cilantro, and a touch of fresh garlic. If you are have on hand 8 vine ripe tomatoes, then you wouldn’t have to use the canned. Also, add jalapeno, chiles, habanero, or your pepper of choice to spice things up in this salsa.
The salsa came out wonderful and so tasty! The taste of the lime and cilantro add that “fresh” taste, and the garlic took it that kick it needed. This recipe made enough to fill a 2 quart or 1.9 liter container, definitely enough for any party today. Look under the Latin recipes to find the complete recipe.




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