How I Got My Groove Back…

I feel like it has been a very long time since writing, but it’s been nearly two months. My cooking blog and readers have come second to my morning AND evening sickness, fatigue, and sleep. You have guessed it. I am pregnant, actually, 16 weeks pregnant to be exact. For the last two months, I have been a disgrace to the culinary world. Frozen foods, Cup of Noodles, and Fast food SUB-par Chinese takeout have all been my guilty pleasure. I should say my only pleasure where food is concerned.
The truth is that pregnancy during the first trimester creates this sort of laziness that really just…CONSUMES you physically and mentally.
I apologize for not posting recipes or just posting, but I “Got my groove back”, so to speak, and I’m ready to cook and share my recipes again.

Thanks again for reading!

Remember to feel free to post your own recipes on my site and if you add or delete anything from my own recipes, please share your version on the site.



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