Operation Veggie Drop

Let’s just face it, some kids just don’t like vegetables. So, it’s up to parents to get creative. It’s a war in the kitchen between parents and kids and Operation Veggie Drop is a perpetual mission.

Here are 5 tips that I use:

1. If I haven’t said it before, I’m saying it again, IMMERSION BLENDER!
2. Throw spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, celery or even eggplant in your spaghetti meat sauce and use the immersion blender. Between the parmesan and noodles, they won’t suspect a thing.
3. Use veggies in soups and stews.
4. Use veggies on pizza. Use only 1 type of meat and load up on the veggies.
5. Always have veggies on the plate. They may not eat them, but if they see it enough, they will start to pick. Keep it colorful. I will place slices of red, yellow, orange, and green bell peppers on my son’s plate or tomatoes and cucumbers with a dash of salt.

Getting kids to eat vegetables can be such a headache, but be patient, they are being introduced to so many new things and this is just one of them. Hang in there and keep up the good work!


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