Fresh Whipped Cream

Fresh Whipped Cream

Fresh Whipped Cream

Yields 15 servings
Cooking time: 5 minutes


1 1/2 pints (3 cups) of Heavy Cream
4 1/2 Tbsp of Confectioners Sugar (feel free to add more for sweeter cream)
2 1/2 tsp of vanilla

A very cold stainless steel bowl works best for whipped cream. Place the whisk attachment and the bowl in the freezer for a few hours or just until the bowl is very cold. (A metal bowl works better than plastic because it is a better conductor of thermal energy)
Once the bowl is cold, remove from freezer and pour cream into bowl. Whip the cream with a hand mixer for about a minute or so until peaks start to form. Do not whip the cream any more than this because you will whip it more once you add the sugar and the vanilla. Add the sugar and vanilla and whip the cream until you get stiff peaks, which look like waves in your cream. Note: Cream will get lumpy if it is whipped too long.


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