Cinco de Mayo Dinner

Well, I must say making Enchiladas from scratch is time consuming, to say the least. Maybe it was because it was my first time making tortillas from scratch. From my last post, “Cinco de Mayo Feast”, I posted a website that I would be following when making the tortillas.

She doesn’t do a close-up of the thickness of the tortilla and mine came out a little too thick. Making 12 tortillas took me about 2 1/2 hours and shredding boiled chicken took me about 30 minutes. Mexican food is time consuming. I definitely have a new appreciation for Mexican Cuisine after yesterday. Since I didn’t have fresh tomatillos, I used canned and bottled salsa verde and followed the recipe at:

From the comments, this was an authentic recipe, and it tasted like it. If I had only made the tortillas thinner and the salsa from scratch, the dinner would have been wonderful! So, my advice when using this recipe, which I will definitely use again is to use either store bought tortillas or buy a tortilla maker and use fresh tomatillos.
The end result?
I had a good time and my husband was very impressed! Happy cooking everybody!


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