Cinco de Mayo Feast

When you live in the states, you forget how wonderful it is to be able to get a decent Mexican meal on Cinco de Mayo or any other day. Living in Germany is really making me miss that luxury that I once had. Sure, there are other benefits to living in Europe so there is no need to play a “sad song on the world’s smallest violin” for me.
But…shopping for a menu of Homemade Chicken Enchiladas Verde hasn’t been the most successful. Chicken? Check. Tortillas? Check. Tomatillos? Where are the tomatillos? I had to buy canned Salsa Verde! Of course I would rather use the fresh stuff, but Rotel is decent and it’s in a can so I bought Salsa Verde in a can and jar and mixed them. The combination came out pretty good and it’s in the refrigerator right now waiting for it’s debut on Gourmet Anise’s Cinco de Mayo Enchilada feast. I am attempting to make tortillas from scratch, which might end up under my “Cooking Disasters” link at the top. I have found a great recipe on Youtube for making tortillas without a tortilla maker:

Plan B? I bought tortillas in case plan A fails.

As for the enchilada recipe, I searched many websites and recipes looking for the perfect one, the diamond in the ruff. After browsing through “Chicken Enchiladas” recipes calling for cream of chicken soup, and almost having a mild coronary, I decided to search “Enchiladas Verdes”. I found it. I don’t care how good the recipe with cream of chicken soup tastes. If a recipe calls for any canned soup, it’s out for me.
The following recipes received great reviews and use all natural ingredients. Hopefully, this works for me!
Wish me luck! Try it out and let me know how it worked! Happy Cooking and Buen Provecho!



  1. You better bring these to the party. My enchilada recipe does call for canned soup, I’m ashamed to say. 🙂

    1. If we have any left, I will bring some, but first, I need to make sure it’s not a disaster! For the canned soup recipe, you must be using the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. That’s where I saw it. Thanks for reading!

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