Mom’s Survival Kit in the kitchen

Cooking Gourmet last minute? Is this even possible? I’m responding to my friend Megan’s post with fixing cereal for dinner. If you are like my friend Megan or myself and at around 3 or 4pm you start freaking out because you haven’t started dinner, then read on. This has happened to me on more than one occasion when I’ve got caught up in play dates, cleaning, running errands, etc.

Here are 10 cooking/shopping tips that work for me:

1. Always have these ingredients: The Trifecta=Garlic+Onion+Olive oil
2. Always have brown rice and whole grain pasta in the pantry
3. Every time you visit the market, buy fresh herbs so that you always have at least 1 fresh herb. To keep it fun, buy different herbs weekly.
4. I keep cans of tuna on hand because for a last minute dish, I’ll make Mediterranean Tuna Salad (see Mediterranean recipes).
5. Always buy fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and lemons to be able to make a salad. Buy more veggies if you remember.
6. Have a rice cooker and make enough rice for the next night and remember 1 cup of rice serves 2 people.
7. Make sure to have red wine vinegar, cooking wine, tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes in a can, at all times
8. Have one bag of Frozen chicken for quick defrost (See Frozen Chicken post under the Cooking Tips)
9. Cook enough for leftovers for lunch and dinner
10. Keep meals colorful. Kids love color.


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