The Wedding Cake…

I thought it would be a nice gesture to bake a cake from scratch for friends who are renewing their vows.  Using a 9×13 pan, I followed the recipe for yellow cake and Butter Cream Frosting from what I like to call, “The Cooking Bible” or better known as The Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook.  How did I manage to miss the part that said, “Halve the amount of confectioners sugar for a 9×13 pan”?  I know.  Maybe because it was the last sentence given in the directions and it was in fine print.  Don’t you think that important information like that should be placed in bold in big capital letters? Needless to say, the looks on everyone’s faces was priceless.  Instead of putting 1pound of confectioners sugar, I put almost 2lbs! Ah…Also, for the writing, I don’t like to use artificial stuff, so I pureed strawberries and used them for my writing. I think it would have been ok if this WASN’T MY FIRST TIME DOING IT! 🙂 Also, I need to add something that makes the puree thicker, less watery, but without using artificial ingredients. Any suggestions??

I will try to continue my strive for perfection at baking, but in the meantime, I’ll stick with what I know….COOKING.

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